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Welcome to my Marketing and Sales Vault.

My name is Johan Mouton and I am a marketing automation consultant. Over the past 20 years I have collected a vast amount of information on marketing, sales, social media, website development, lead generation and so much more! I got tired of looking for all of these resources when a client asks for it. So, instead of letting it gather dust on my hard drive, or disappear on the internet highway, I created my very own marketing vault. A place where I can put marketing and sales resources for all my clients. It is not only my own work, BUT, rather a collection of resources I find useful and practical ... from ebooks, reports, articles, links, systems, videos and more. This Marketing Vault makes it easier to share some of the knowledge and insights gathered over the past 20 years. The vault is open for people who attend my training, seminars, working on advanced digital marketing or where we do website development. This is not going to be fancy. This is going to be practical stuff.

Do you have a question, please call me on

082 325 3082 or visit my personal site: